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About Us

The Mechanism

Hello. Majority of us have been asked the question - "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Statistics reveal that only 10-15% people are able to find out the answer to this question.
Our mobile application assists you to take the crucial career decision.The users are presented with real life senarios. The way you respond to these senarios determines the personality traits of the user. We all agree that IQ tests are boring. In this era people are so overburdened with tests that they are not willing to appear for these questionaire based tests. GetSet Ventures makes this process much more engaging and enthralling by gamifying it.





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Why GetSet?

Here are some of the features

Innovative Approach

Do away with antiquated boring Career Guidance methodologies.


Games that reveal personality traits, IQ and EQ of a person.


Get career guidance when you want and where you want.

Career Pathways

We suggest a list of colleges and courses that helps users acheive their dream career.


We assure that the data collected is not put to wrong use.


The user experience is given prime importance inorder to make the app user friendly.

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