Bakers Kit for The Young Chef- “The Must Have Kit” (Ages: 6 Years & Above) 3,500.00
Chocolate Hamper- Exclusive 2,500.00

Bakers Kit for The Young Chef- “Level-Up!” (Ages: 12 years & Above)

When Baking has literally become a piece of cake! for the young baker, what gift can give them that extra push they need? Well, this thought led us to putting together this Advanced Kit.

The Kit Includes:

  1. Piping Bag & Nozzles Kit
  2. Icing Spatula Set
  3. Bench Scraper Set
  4. Pack of 4 Food Colours
  5. Silicone Baking Mat
  6. Pastry Dough Rolling Pin
  7. Chocolate Compound
  8. Butterscotch Nuts
  9. Colourful Edible Sugar Balls
  10. Rich Caramel Sauce

All of the above items will be set on a Cake Decorating Turn Table, to spin you off to a great start!

Get Set to double up your sweet treats to visual treats as well.

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