If you want to host a great party, the trick is to set the right note at the very beginning. So let us start with…. The Hors D’oeuvres- Delightful little morsels to fill the guests with excitement about what comes next. Stun them with this refreshing recipe we bring to you today.

Grilled Zucchini Roulades. It is Smoky on the outside, Creamy on the inside and Crunchy with every bite. It’s time to Begin your celebration with Style!

Grilled Zucchini Roulade

Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Makes roughly 25 Roulades


Zucchini Ribbons

  • Zucchini 4
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Freshly Cracked Pepper to taste


  • Tomato Paste ½ Cup
  • Garlic Cloves (finely grated) 2
  • Oregano ¼ Tspn
  • Chilli Flakes ¼ Tspn
  • Salt to taste


  • Blanched and Peeled Almonds ½ Cup
  • Soaked Cashews ½ Cup
  • Coriander Leaves ½ Cup
  • Mint Leaves ½ Cup
  • Green Chilli 1
  • Toasted Walnuts Finely Chopped ½ Cup
  • Cream Cheese 1 Tbspn
  • Softened Butter 1 Tbspn


Zucchini Ribbons

  • Peel thin ribbons off each Zucchini lengthwise using a peeler.
  • Grill the Zucchini Ribbons on a hot grill for about 3-5 minutes on each side.
  • While grilling the zucchini ribbons baste them with olive oil and sprinkle with Salt & Pepper.
  • When the Zucchini Ribbons are tender to touch, set them aside on a platter.


  • Heat some oil in a saucepan. Add the grated garlic and sauté till golden brown.
  • Add the Tomato Paste and stir.
  • Season with salt, oregano and chilli flakes.
  • When a sauce like consistency is reached remove from heat and set it aside.


  • Blend the cashews, almonds, green chilli, coriander leaves and mint leaves to a smooth paste.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine this mixture with the cream cheese, butter and the chopped toasted walnuts.
  • Season with oregano, salt and pepper.

Final Assembly

  • Place the Zucchini Ribbons Flat on a Surface
  • Now get Ready to roll!
  • Brush the Zucchini Ribbons with the prepared Spread.
  • Place 1-2 Tspns of the Filling on one end of the strip and roll it up neatly.
  • Hold it together with the help of a toothpick.
  • Serve it up in a Platter alongside some refreshing drinks.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this Roulade. It may just be a mouthful, but be warned- it can cause an Explosion of Flavours and Textures. Enjoy!

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